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Batzine Content Hub

The client:

Valencia CF

The brief:

If you’d told us five years ago we would be working with a world-class football club, we might have laughed you out of Tai Seng, then Singapore. Yet here we are today, helping Spanish LaLiga club Valencia CF to strengthen its global outreach by driving engagement in South-east Asia, where a large number of their fans reside in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

The work:

We may not all look the athletic part, but some among us live and breathe football - albeit mostly from the couch. Luckily, it was just about enough for The Nutgraf to be tasked with keeping the fiery Valencia spirit burning in this part of the world through a “fan-zine” and social media.

The Nutgraf runs Batzine, the only English-language fan magazine dedicated to all things Valencia. But we don’t just write match reports and conduct exclusive interviews. We also publish opinion pieces from football fans and give readers travel insights on the city of Valencia. Where to find the best paella? Our well-trained tummies lead the way.

While Spanish league games are broadcast during the early hours in Singapore, our writers have no qualms about waking up to watch and write - even if it means losing a little sleep. But the Batzine site is just one part of this project. We also run Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to connect with fans by providing up-to-date news and engaging in conversations online.

Batzine is on the way to 100,000 followers on Facebook, making it the largest non-official Valencia platform in the world. As Valencia diehards would say: Amunt! (Forward!)

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