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#TemasekGives Content Hub

The client:

Temasek Foundation

The brief:

Show and tell meaningful stories of those who benefited from their programmes that help the vulnerable in society get on their feet, advance scientific research, and connect thought leaders. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our work extended to its online repository of mental health tips from health professionals.

The work:

There is no better way to highlight an initiative than through the eyes of someone it has impacted. We did what journalists do best – ask questions, or some might say, be kaypoh. We interviewed students, mothers, seniors, and scientists, getting them to share how their lives had changed. We even meshed Beethoven with Beyonce in one article. Our stories are hosted on the #TemasekGives content hub.

Every story also needs the right visuals and dissemination strategy to catch eyeballs. We did just that for its My Mental Health website, that seeks to help people stay strong during Covid-19. We curated the images and developed a social media plan. This includes parents who had to work and supervise their children at the same time, or even those who are starting to feel the side-effects of prolonged telecommuting.

The best beneficiary? Us! We definitely needed the tips to stay sane in a world of pandemic, trade wars and climate change. Help!

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