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The client:

Singapore National Olympic Council

The brief:

After 70 years, the Singapore National Olympic Council has a treasure trove of untapped stories. Our job was to produce a content hub that would celebrate these little-known nuggets, transforming the website into a sporting goldmine.

The work:

We share the stories of our athletes, from the timeless legends to the up-and-coming fledglings. Hear from Singapore’s first footballer to play at the Olympics - his nickname is “Twinkletoes”. Read about the water-polo player who clinched Singapore’s only Asian Games gold in the sport with his trick “blind backhand”. And discover the young athletes who never let financial constraints hinder their dreams - including the fella who ran 10km along his school corridors. Strange, but true. Really.

They might be bizarre, or they might be brilliant. We capture the golden moments of Singapore’s sports, for your reading pleasure. Hopefully, it gets your pulse racing a little, your adrenaline rushing a little more, and maybe, just maybe, you might stop reading now, get off your bum and do some exercise!

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