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Sustainable Employment Report

The client:

Singapore Business Federation

The brief:

Tens of thousands of words strewn across different documents. A looming print deadline. The content, on issues such as inequality, low-wage earners and economic disruption, needed to be refined and presented in a well-designed report. The topic was familiar, the rushed deadline was familiar, it was game on.

The work:

Write and edit a report on sustainable employment practices - an issue close to our heart as some of us spent years in the newsroom writing about jobs, wages and income inequality. We could identify gaps in argument and offer content solutions.

The result was a compelling 72-page report that caught the eye, yet did the basics well – footnoted, with photo acknowledgements and a four-page infographic. A watercolour design of the report was done by our partner, Isshoku Design Agency.

All this was done in a double-quick time, just in time for the launch by President Halimah Yacob. Some of us had to burn our weekends working, but after reading about the plight of jobless PMETs in the report, we never felt happier to be working round the clock.

You can view the report here:

Project Gallery

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