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Annual Reports & Newsletters

The client:

Land Transport Authority

The brief:

Capture the full spectrum of work done in a year by LTA in its annual reports through engaging storytelling and compelling visuals. WCR, LTMP2040, BCM, ECLO, MKBF - we know it all. We have become abbreviation specialists.

The work:

The LTA does lots of things to keep your world moving. It plans and manages the country’s rail and bus system and infrastructure, builds and maintains all roads and expressways, regulates the point-to-point sector, and supports and promotes active mobility options to achieve Singapore’s car-lite vision.

Its work is essential, and touches the lives of everyone. Yet, most of the work goes on behind the scenes. Through Instagram-style captions, haikus, and commuters’ diaries, we highlight the work they do in a relatable manner through the eyes of commuters, road users and transport workers.

With our design partners Dagnc, Redbean and Garçon Design, we sped through tight deadlines, interviewed top management, took photos, and churned out content for its newsletters as well as annual reports.

So well-versed are we about all things LTA that when an officer fines us for parking at the wrong spot, we know...which app to use to pay the fine.

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