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Custom Publishing

Zero Waste Masterplan

The client:

Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources

The brief:

The mission is to turn Singapore into a Zero Waste Nation, by producing a Masterplan that would set the context of this ambitious goal, document the progress and outline plans for the future. Simply put, we had to tell a story about rubbish in an appealing way.

The work:

What really is incineration? It’s not just about razing garbage to the ground, but reducing solid waste by up to 90 per cent of its original volume. It was but one of the many processes we had to explain in a clear, concise - some may say clean - manner.

By drawing out the details in Singapore’s zero waste journey, we broke down jargon by showing and not simply telling. The 90-page masterplan involved writing new content, editing the materials provided by the ministry, and distilling it into beautiful visuals and original graphics.

With our design partner Garçon Design, we turned challenging concepts like gasification into infographics that were easy to understand (even for art students like us). The end product felt more like a magazine, with its neat aesthetics. Upcycling, done The Nutgraf way.

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