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Digital Media

Content Writing

The client:

Economic Development Board

The brief:

Highlight Singapore’s standing as a global hub for business, technology and innovation through the EDB’s content platform on its website. Through stories, we showcased companies and trends that have made Singapore a great place to do business.

The work:

Every day there is a silent war going on, a fierce competition among the best in the world. The objective: to win the hearts, minds and wallets of the biggest companies in the world. On this battleground, Singapore, represented by the EDB, is a key combatant.

Over two years, we fought alongside EDB, firing questions, shooting photos and executing white papers. The battle was grim - reaching and persuading companies to part with millions of dollars is a tall order. With each job, we produced compelling content, powerful visuals and absorbing stories, all aimed at winning mindshare for Singapore.

It’s a war of words like no other. But it’s the only kind of war we know how to win! As we like to believe, the pen (or laptop) is mightier than the sword in the digital content battleground.

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