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Digital Media

Content Writing

The client:

UOB Asset Management

The brief:

Produce content centred around how Singaporeans can better channel their savings towards smart, intelligent investing. The work made us reflect on our own saving habits, and for some, it meant not buying that cup of $7 artisanal coffee. Kopi-gao from the nearby coffee shop instead. Savings? $6. The start of our investment fund...

The work:

Poo that powers. What? At first glance, it may seem slightly odd to associate human waste with investing. But the idea behind the content concept was to look at how investing in innovation - how waste is turned into energy - is one smart way to generate solid returns.

We developed a series of content pieces that focused on cutting edge innovation, from 5G to the rise of artificial intelligence. Among them was a story that looked at new renewable sources of energy, including algae and, yes, even waste.

We also supported UOBAM in various capacities from product launches to thought leadership campaigns, including one on Asian art. Indeed, from high-brow to low-end, there is nothing we can’t “poo-ll” off.

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