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Ready, Set, Fiyah!

The client:

Singapore National Olympic Council

The brief:

As part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), SNOC commissioned a children’s book that will take young readers through the history of the Games, and introduce the Olympic values to them. We were excited - our second children’s book!

The work:

How do you introduce the YOG to children, and get them interested in the history and values of the international multi-sports event? The answer: Make the Olympic flame — a long-held symbol of the Games — come to life. The bubbly and feisty main character, Fiyah, jumps off the pages under the hands of author Pearl Lee and illustrator Jeanette Yap.

Fiyah travels around the world to the places that have hosted the YOG, meets old friends and invites them to her 10th birthday party. What ensues is lots of adventure and fun as she rubs shoulders with famous sportspeople, lets go of her fears to try new challenges, and rediscovers the joy of friendships. A timeless tale that will tug the hearts of readers young and old.

The thing about producing a children’s book is to write simple enough so that kids will understand, using as few words as possible. It is actually way harder than writing about economic theory or quantum physics. Really!

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