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Thought Leadership

News and Commentaries

The client:

South China Morning Post

The brief:

Produce incisive commentaries and feature stories that offer fresh perspectives on pertinent topics in Asia, with a focus on Singapore - from geopolitics to economy and social issues. This job helps to keep us grounded, literally, as we keep our ears to the ground for the latest news and views.

The work:

Since 2015, we have been contributing commentaries to the Hong Kong daily. Singapore-Sino relations, budget analysis or political movements in Singapore - we tapped on years of journalistic expertise and offered our opinions. And we always have plenty to say, maybe too much.

We also report and analyse current affairs, track economic, business and social trends. We dissected Budget announcements to see what they signalled about elections. We investigated the sleazy underbelly of Singapore, while maintaining our innocence. We told stories of people and businesses in the region who were affected by Covid-19, and documented the impact on jobs and the jobless. It’s like our noses never left the newsroom.

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