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Custom Publishing

One Havelock Square

The client:

State Courts of Singapore

The brief:

Document the move from the iconic Octagon building to the gleaming new Towers - the tallest government building. The coffee table book also commemorated the 45-year history of the State Courts - a place most of us have never visited as we are law-abiding citizens...

The work:

We went from zero visits to becoming frequent visitors. During the intense few months of the project, we did almost 40 interviews with top judges, employees and partners of the State Courts. We heard numerous stories, from judges who presided over the nation’s most controversial cases, to the architects who designed the unique octagon-shaped building and the new modern Towers.

Through their vivid recollections, we traced the rich history and heritage of the State Courts. We were even given access to restricted areas such as judges’ chambers and hallways, and the prisoner holding area - offering us visuals that improved our narrative.

Collaborating with our design partner Redbean, we produced a sleek publication with special Augmented Reality (AR) features, as well as a website which contains a collection of video interviews that we did with judges and employees, and more cool AR functions.

After expanding our knowledge on Singapore’s laws, we’re pretty certain we can tell if you’re committing a crime. As for us, we’ll stay away from trouble.

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