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Singapore Maritime Week

The client:

Maritime and Port Authority

The brief:

Plan, produce and publish an 8-page, tabloid-sized newsletter for the Singapore Maritime Week (SMW), Singapore’s flagship and largest maritime event. The total print distribution for the SMW Show Dailies was 6,800 print copies. Woah, we became a publisher!

The work:

For five days, we functioned as a newsroom. Our writers, armed with their notebooks and recorders, covered programmes and conferences that tackled the most pressing issues in the maritime world, from global trade to environmental sustainability.

Each story had to pass through rounds of rigorous checks from the copyeditors, before going into design and layout – all done in-house, from scratch, and under the pressure-cooker intensity of a hard deadline. The team only breathed easy when the paper went “off-stone”, a journalistic term that means to go to print. That’s when our designer finally scurried to the toilet for a much-needed break.

The result came to light every morning: a beautifully-designed newspaper filled with a lively mix of strong news stories, features, commentaries, and photo spreads. Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of seeing people pick up a copy of the Show Dailies and bury their noses in it. Guess we’re not the only ones who appreciate the smell of fresh ink and crisp papers!

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