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Coffeetable book about Mr Lee Yi Shyan and Heartbeat@Bedok

The client:

Heartbeat of Bedok

The brief:

Proving that our street cred goes beyond Tai Seng, this book revolves around the jewel of East Coast — the integrated complex Heartbeat@Bedok and the man behind it, former Member of Parliament Lee Yi Shyan. How did both the man and this mammoth building project transform Kampong Chai Chee in Bedok?

The work:

We had several interviews with Mr Lee to find out the genesis of the integrated complex and his views about the constituency that he helmed in the past 14 years. Over many cups of chamomile tea, muffins and cookies, we found out how he pulled off the massive project.

But it was not enough to just talk to Mr Lee. We also went on the ground at Kampong Chai Chee to interview residents, merchants and grassroots members to document how the constituency has evolved – from solving lift issues to planning town amenities.

The result is a 139-page coffee table book, designed by our partner Redbean, that melds together insightful storytelling and poignant visuals – a fitting farewell gift for Mr Lee who stepped down in GE2020. It makes our heart go “bedok bedok bedok”…

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