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Case Studies & Data Insights

The client:


The brief:

How do top brands and businesses get the right talent, or stand out from their competition? LinkedIn is a critical resource. Our job was to document case studies of leading brands that have transformed with the online platform’s dynamic solutions. We also got to learn secrets to improve our LinkedIn page...

The work:

Everyone has heard of LinkedIn. It’s where you can find thought leaders, industry experts, and top talent and be virtual friends with them - if they accept your connection request. But LinkedIn is more than just about connections. Using first-hand interviews and extensive on-the-ground research, we detailed case studies of how leading brands from across the globe tapped on LinkedIn’s products and services to move from good to great.

The idea was to pair critical insights with sleek design aesthetics to showcase LinkedIn’s capabilities in a fast-changing world. While we're at that, come connect with us. Get your spouses, parents, siblings, and pets to follow us too.

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