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Event Coverage

Future China Global Forum

The client:

Business China Singapore

The brief:

Produce 11 reports from covering the one-day FutureChina Global Forum, Business China Singapore’s annual flagship event at a top hotel for leading private and public sector leaders with an eye on China. A key benefit? Lots of food, beverage and stationery. Some of us just love hotel pens.

The work:

As with the Singapore Maritime Week, we functioned as a mobile newsroom and covered the forum, listening to what global experts and local leaders had to say. Our writers sat in on foreign delegates’ speeches and panel discussions on issues such as trade wars, geopolitics, artificial intelligence, and opportunities in China, including a fireside chat with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The nature of the subject and the speakers involved also meant we had to toggle between Chinese- and English-medium sessions, while navigating complex topics.

The end-product was a collection of reports that contained key insights and perspectives that were distilled from the discussions. These reports were then put up on Business China’s website and social media platforms, including Facebook.

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