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What We Have Done

We love print and the scent of ink and paper as we flip the pages of a book, magazine and newspaper. But the currency and speed of digital excites us too, whether it is a website, an e-book, or social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. We are platform blind. 


We produce content for companies and public agencies who want to self-publish on their platforms. We also conceptualise and offer communication strategies to ensure the content reaches the right audience. Broadly, we have done 12 different types of work:


People still read books. We know. We wrote the No. 1 best-seller, Neither Civil Nor Servant, a biography on maverick former civil servant Philip Yeo. We also write all types of other books, on Singapore’s journey to the first Olympic medal in 48 years to the history of a local bank. We just don’t write fiction – yet.


Some call them custom publications. We call them magazines. After spending sufficient time at the Principal’s office during our younger years (some of us), one of our magazine projects, Principia, brought us back to the Principal’s office. But this time, we were profiling leaders who inspire students in different ways – through technology, the arts or sports.


Most people like to be updated with the latest news about finance, food or fashion. But not everything excites them. Which is why organisations that send newsletters must ensure their content is not ignored or deleted. We help by producing captivating content that is a must-read, making even the most mundane – public transport systems – seem uber cool.

Thought Leadership


In this digital age when anyone can easily publish his or her views on social media, it doesn’t take much to be an instant expert. But it is not easy to build a brand name as a thought leader. You can count on us to create intellectual gravitas for leaders by crafting the right message for the right platform. We have done so for multinational chiefs, industry experts, and leaders in public agencies.

White Papers

White papers are also known as grey literature, or in short, different shades of boring. They are authoritative reports that inform readers about complex issues, ranging from government policy proposals to more academic perspectives. In business, it is a marketing tool to promote products. We try to induce less yawns with a more compelling narrative, using data to drive the story – from finance to public policy.

Case Studies

A business flip-flopped – from success to failure to eventual stardom. An individual did a life-changing U-turn – from school dropout to life-long learner. We have the capabilities to coax interviewees, from CEOs to ordinary workers, to share their dramatic stories for company or individual case studies. And we make sure their stories come to life on any platform.


How to stand out amid the cyber sea of websites? While design is important, content is critical. We offer a range of services – from simple yet clear content to tell your customers who you are and what you offer, to more sophisticated content such as trend reports, multimedia features and interactive graphics that drives traffic to your site. One of our projects even made municipal issues slick and sexy. We tried.

Social Media Posts

It is all about getting the likes and going viral. But in the alternate universe of social media, people seem to have the attention span of a fly. This means pithy is better than ponderous, and your posts will get more views with photos or videos. We aim to please the crowd on Facebook or LinkedIn with short, sharp and smart content that sends the right message about your organisation. 


If organisations want more space to share longer views, blogs are a good option. It also attracts a different crowd, one that is keen to learn more about the business or agency. So go in-depth about your area of expertise, show off what you can offer. We help by making your ideas and observations sparkle, even when writing about issues as dull as online research methodologies. Really.

Event Coverage

Do you have an event that the media refuses to attend, or requires reporting to produce a publication? Fret not, just contact us. We cannot promise you media coverage, but we can provide reporters who produce riveting reads about your event for self-publication on your platforms or for distribution to customers and potential customers. We are your newsroom.

Annual Reports

Every year, producing the organisation’s annual report can be like pulling teeth. We ease the stress – and help keep your ivories – by conceptualising the content, producing engaging narratives about the people and products, as well as the sustainability of the business. For the National Library Board’s e-annual report on its 20th anniversary, we did a fun list of 20 highlights and 20 people who shared their stories.


We may speak the same language, but still get misunderstood or our message just doesn’t reach the right audience. If you need help with clearer communication or writing skills, we offer targeted solutions with specialised training. We have expertise in communication and media strategies to help you convey the right message to the people that matter. We also conduct writing workshops to write the right way.