What exactly do we do? We do anything that requires writing, from snappy social media posts to 300-pages books and everything in between. We also work with great partners who do design, take photos and videos, and offer creative services. In fact, we are your one-stop shop for all your content needs.

Custom publishing
We do colourful Youth Olympic mascot books for little ones, we do serious prime minister biographies for slightly more mature readers. The long and short of it: Annual reports, books, white papers, and magazines - we do them all. We promise they will be best sellers or page turners with our wonderful writing, just like how we turn heads because of our good looks.

Digital media
It’s quite a hubbub online. But whether you’re a world-class European football club or an established local bank, we find a way for you to stand above the noise - in a classy way. No misleading headlines or revealing pictures. We manage content portals, producing profiles on interesting individuals, case studies, trend stories, and many more that captivate online readers.  Most of us are still young enough to understand the Internet. Tik Tok, in time.

Thought leadership
A leader is a reader. A better leader is one who is read. We have crafted messages for MNC chiefs, industry experts and public agency leaders. After all, our voice is an authority on politics and economics in the region, through regular commentaries in the South China Morning Post. Hopefully, we’re a good influence.

Event coverage
In our past lives, we did this almost daily - covering press conferences, seminars and product launches. Now, we can do it with our eyes closed. But we won’t, as we are professionals who do not nap on the job. A week-long event with show dailies to be produced in print? No problem, we are your personal newsroom.

Corporate training
Are your messages being ignored by the media? Is your writing confusing rather than clarifying? We can help you improve your media strategy and communication skills, as we have done for some public agencies and companies. We will help make your quotes really quotable, and the words you write light up even the darkest night.   




Heartbeat of Bedok

Custom Publishing

Coffeetable book about Mr Lee Yi Shyan and Heartbeat@Bedok

Proving that our street cred goes beyond Tai Seng, this book revolves around the jewel of East Coast — the integrated complex Heartbeat@Bedok and the man behind it, former Member of Parliament Lee Yi Shyan. How did both the man and this mammoth building project transform Kampong Chai Chee in Bedok?

State Courts of Singapore

Custom Publishing

One Havelock Square

Document the move from the iconic Octagon building to the gleaming new Towers - the tallest government building. The coffee table book also commemorated the 45-year history of the State Courts - a place most of us have never visited as we are law-abiding citizens...

National Library Board

Thought Leadership

Communications Strategy

Share our decades of experience in the media industry with the National Library Board (NLB), including writing, editing, training and communications strategy. In return, we get unlimited book loans. Just kidding!

South China Morning Post

Thought Leadership

News and Commentaries

Produce incisive commentaries and feature stories that offer fresh perspectives on pertinent topics in Asia, with a focus on Singapore - from geopolitics to economy and social issues. This job helps to keep us grounded, literally, as we keep our ears to the ground for the latest news and views.

Business China Singapore

Event Coverage

Future China Global Forum

Produce 11 reports from covering the one-day FutureChina Global Forum, Business China Singapore’s annual flagship event at a top hotel for leading private and public sector leaders with an eye on China. A key benefit? Lots of food, beverage and stationery. Some of us just love hotel pens.

Maritime and Port Authority

Event Coverage

Singapore Maritime Week

Plan, produce and publish an 8-page, tabloid-sized newsletter for the Singapore Maritime Week (SMW), Singapore’s flagship and largest maritime event. The total print distribution for the SMW Show Dailies was 6,800 print copies. Woah, we became a publisher!

Singapore National Olympic Council

Custom Publishing

Ready, Set, Fiyah!

As part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), SNOC commissioned a children’s book that will take young readers through the history of the Games, and introduce the Olympic values to them. We were excited - our second children’s book!

Tall Order: The Goh Chok Tong Story

Custom Publishing

Authorised biography of former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong

Documenting the extraordinary life story and career of Singapore's second Prime Minister. Two volumes to detail his rise from obscurity to political dominance, his policy successes and unexpected setbacks in a career spanning almost half a century.

Singapore Business Federation

Custom Publishing

Sustainable Employment Report

Tens of thousands of words strewn across different documents. A looming print deadline. The content, on issues such as inequality, low-wage earners and economic disruption, needed to be refined and presented in a well-designed report. The topic was familiar, the rushed deadline was familiar, it was game on.

Land Transport Authority

Custom Publishing

Annual Reports & Newsletters

Capture the full spectrum of work done in a year by LTA in its annual reports through engaging storytelling and compelling visuals. WCR, LTMP2040, BCM, ECLO, MKBF - we know it all. We have become abbreviation specialists.

Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources

Custom Publishing

Zero Waste Masterplan

The mission is to turn Singapore into a Zero Waste Nation, by producing a Masterplan that would set the context of this ambitious goal, document the progress and outline plans for the future. Simply put, we had to tell a story about rubbish in an appealing way.


Digital Media

#simitaiseng Passion Project

What happens when a Singaporean ah beng wants to write about his neighbourhood? Limpeh presents to you simitaiseng, our Instagram-based scrapbook. We wanted a passion project to call our own. It also allowed us to hone our writing and amateur photography. And it turned out to be great fun!

Economic Development Board

Digital Media

Content Writing

Highlight Singapore’s standing as a global hub for business, technology and innovation through the EDB’s content platform on its website. Through stories, we showcased companies and trends that have made Singapore a great place to do business.

Singapore National Olympic Council

Digital Media

Content Hub

After 70 years, the Singapore National Olympic Council has a treasure trove of untapped stories. Our job was to produce a content hub that would celebrate these little-known nuggets, transforming the website into a sporting goldmine.

Valencia CF

Digital Media

Batzine Content Hub

If you’d told us five years ago we would be working with a world-class football club, we might have laughed you out of Tai Seng, then Singapore. Yet here we are today, helping Spanish LaLiga club Valencia CF to strengthen its global outreach by driving engagement in South-east Asia, where a large number of their fans reside in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Temasek Foundation

Digital Media

#TemasekGives Content Hub

Show and tell meaningful stories of those who benefited from their programmes that help the vulnerable in society get on their feet, advance scientific research, and connect thought leaders. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our work extended to its online repository of mental health tips from health professionals.


Digital Media

Case Studies & Data Insights

How do top brands and businesses get the right talent, or stand out from their competition? LinkedIn is a critical resource. Our job was to document case studies of leading brands that have transformed with the online platform’s dynamic solutions. We also got to learn secrets to improve our LinkedIn page...

UOB Asset Management

Digital Media

Content Writing

Produce content centred around how Singaporeans can better channel their savings towards smart, intelligent investing. The work made us reflect on our own saving habits, and for some, it meant not buying that cup of $7 artisanal coffee. Kopi-gao from the nearby coffee shop instead. Savings? $6. The start of our investment fund...

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