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Who We Are

The Nutgraf is an integrated content marketing agency working with a pool of professional writers, editors, designers, photographers and videographers. As the founding partners are long-time journalists, we decided to name the company after a reporting term – The Nutgraf.


What does nutgraf mean?


It refers to the main point of the story, the nut paragraph which comes from the phrase “in a nutshell”. It also conveys the “so what” of a story, informing people why they should pay attention to this piece of news, speech or event.


At The Nutgraf, we aspire to live up to our name, to always capture the essence of the message – through words, photos, videos or graphics. We do it by telling a good story, helping companies and public agencies build their brand and reach the right audience.

Our Team
Storeys of Life

It is old, yellow and hides a hip chill-out bistro. Just like how this storied apartment block in the heart of Chinatown has a colourful history, everyone has an interesting story to share. Let us tell yours.

Portraits by Samuel He and Clifford Lee. Banner Photos by Lin Zhaowei.