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We tell impactful stories.

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We are often asked what our name means. It is a tribute to our roots. We are a content agency founded by three journalists, who spent years finding answers to complex issues, interviewing people for their insights, and analysing data to detect trends.

We developed a knack for turning any information into captivating stories. We took these skills and built a business. Today, we are still hooked on the rush of crafting compelling narratives and communication campaigns for local and global brands.

The nutgraf is a journalism term. It refers to one paragraph that sums up the story in a nutshell. So here’s our nutgraf: We know how to produce content that people will read, remember and more importantly, resonate with. We do so with warmth, wit and a dash of swag.

About us



Whatever the occasion, no matter the medium, we distill your best stories to enthrall your audience. In local culinary parlance: The work we serve up has wok hei, the elusive smoky aroma of a seasoned wok. The Nutgraf is equally seasoned in capturing the essence of content.

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Everybody loves a good story. It will draw you in, entertain, enlighten, influence or even persuade - a great way to market your business.


But how do you tell a good story? You don’t, because you leave it to us.

We will conceptualise content strategies to help you communicate effectively and evocatively across all platforms. We have won over even the toughest of audiences - children (there may or may not have been sweets involved).  

Beyond our craft, you can count on us for...


We are fast in producing content. Way faster than we are on the running track. Our speed also comes with accuracy.


With a strong team of over 10 full-time scribes, we can write multiple reports in 1 day or a 200-page book in 2 months. 


Countless quality checks, from conceptualisation to editing. Your project will get the best treatment, like a spa package. We know you knead that.


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If you are looking for a quotation, a reason to collaborate or catch up over coffee, hit us up. Tell us your needs, we’ll do the rest.

Call us: +65 6909 2729

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​​Or do it the old-fashioned way and visit us.

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Visit our LinkedIn. We are active there too.

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